About Us

Dahy Shkrr is a bespoke Event planning company where it caters to the each and every aspect of the Celebrations, Hospitality and Events planning sector. We believe in the approcah of making every event & celebration of grandeur nature even with the minimalistic economic approach! Dahy Shkrr is one of it's kind celebrations delivering company, where our goal is to make each of your life & business a cherishing one!

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Weddings & more..

Weddings are one of the most prominent life-event in everyone's life, and that's why we plan and take care of each of the aspects of a Wedding and all of its related functions.

We make you celebrate and enjoy:

  • Mehendi Functions

  • Sangeet Functions

  • Weddings

  • Gala Wedding Dinners

  • Wedding Receptions

  • Post-wedding Events

Parties & more..

Parties are the way to celebrate and have enormous fun & joy. And that's why, we make sure that your parties are nothing less than a Spectacular!

We make you party hard at:

  • Birthday Parties

  • Engagement Parties

  • Anniversary Parties

  • Pet Parties

  • Bachelorette / Spinster Parties

  • Pool Parties

  • Kitty parties

  • DJ & Music Parties

  • House/Farm Parties

  • Wrap-up / Success Parties

  • Retirement Parties & more...

Corporate Events & more…

Corporate Events are all about celebrating business, and passing on the same with the Employees & Stakeholders, along with sharing Business ideas and discussing about revolutionary mindsets. We understand how important it is for any company to showcase it's best of features and that's why we make sure to plan and execute a successful event every time we get involved.

We help to manage, plan and execute:

  • Corporate Meet-ups

  • Business Conferences

  • Startup Events

  • HR Activities, trainings & Events

  • Business 1-2-1 Conclaves

  • Networking Events

  • Gala Business Dinners

  • Annual General Meetings

  • Annual Corporate Functions & more...

Sports / Game Events & More...

Sports Events are always full of adrenaline rush, winning spirits and loud cheerings. We understand the sentiments of the people attached towards the sports & games, and make sure to channelize the loyalty of the cheering spectators alongwith fun & enjoyment

We help you make sure that no matter what, the game always wins:

  • Box-Cricket Leagues

  • Treasure-hunt On-wheels

  • Indie-Rural Sports Matches

  • Football Matches

  • Volleyball Matches

  • Marathons

  • Cyclothons

  • Paddle Tennis

  • Corporate Sports Leagues

  • Basketball Leagues

  • Badminton Leagues

  • Squash Matches

  • Hand-ball Games

  • Lawn and table tennis matches

  • Board Game Events & tournaments

  • Fuse-ball Leagues

  • Sports Award Functions & more...

Celebrations & more…

Our beauty is that we do not stop at just the conventional and traditional celebrations. We get one step further and help you cater innovative ideas to celebrate the moments which you just might not think-off.!!

We gather best of our minds and serve you with brain-storming ideas, to celebrate every aspect of your life:

  • Baby Showers

  • Festive Parties & Celebrations

  • Garba Celebrations

  • Flea markets & Carnivals

  • Rite of Passage Events (Specialty)

  • Inaugural Celebrations

  • Recognition & Felicitation Events

  • Leadership Handover Events

  • Charity Functions

  • Launch Events

  • Academic Functions

  • Get-together Function

  • Explore the Nature

  • Matrimonial Meet-ups & more...

Why Choose Us ?

– Meet the Team

It is a team of skilled and experienced event personnel. DahyShkrr is a one stop destination for all your event needs. We at DahyShkrr try not only to be innovative and authentic, but create a bench mark of quality and trend and upgrade event industry. .

We understand the impact and importance of the event you are dreaming.

We blend ourselves the into vibe and feel that you wish to experience and start clicking on brain-storming part so that you can see yourselves witnessing your dream into reality.

We help you plan your celebration on every macro and micro aspect of the event.

We help you manage the execution of our planning and let you enjoy your event.